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Now you have to pay for Whatsapp

PAYMENT Whatsapp

The Android mobile price is 0.99 $ / year or what is the same about 0.89 euros / year and Whatsapp provides all methods of payment.

They are not going to expand the free service as they always did when you download a new version. Now to install the new version we have to pay for the application.

pay whatsapp

How long can you use Whatsapp whithout paying for it?

Go to Menu >> Settings >> Account Information >> Payment information

Of this there is no doubt, Whatsapp official website announces it:

whatsapp pay

After many users have chosen not to pay for the license, Whatsapp has opted to launch a plan for the licenses usage with discounts depending on the time that it is engaged: 3 years ( 10% discount) and 5 years (25% discount), in this way the user pays now and forget it for a few years.

The problem of the payment Whatsapp isn’t the 0.89 euros a year but the fact of having to enter a credit card number to associate with Google Wallet. So now Whatsapp allows other ways of payment: Paypal, Google Wallet payment or post URL so we don’t have to enter our credit card number.

whatsapp payment

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  2. Hassan AbdulkarimAli

    I want to download whatsapp for my phone but I didnt know how can you help me on this page my phone are x202 thank you.

  3. Tahir Mubarak

    ya Allah ka bamu albarkan wannan rana ta jummaan nan kuma ya Allah muna rokonka laifuffukan da mukayi da wanda muka sani da wanda bamu sani ba ya Allah ka gafartamana don mafifishin halitta Amin.


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