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Now you have to pay for Whatsapp

PAYMENT Whatsapp

The Android mobile price is 0.99 $ / year or what is the same about 0.89 euros / year and Whatsapp provides all methods of payment.

They are not going to expand the free service as they always did when you download a new version. Now to install the new version we have to pay for the application.

payment wasap

How long can you use Whatsapp whithout paying for it?

Go to Menu >> Settings >> Account Information >> Payment information

Of this there is no doubt, Whatsapp official website announces it:

whatsapp pay


After many users have chosen not to pay for the license, Whatsapp has opted to launch a plan for the licenses usage with discounts depending on the time that it is engaged: 3 years ( 10% discount) and 5 years (25% discount), in this way the user pays now and forget it for a few years.

The problem of the payment Whatsapp isn’t the 0.89 euros a year but the fact of having to enter a credit card number to associate with Google Wallet. So now Whatsapp allows other ways of payment: Paypal, Google Wallet payment or post URL so we don’t have to enter our credit card number.

whatsapp payment


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